Timesupp - Gravity Defying Hourglass Lamp

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Timesupp is an air purifier that contains a gravity-defying hourglass, utilizing basic scientific principles to create the illusion of water drops dropping upwards instead of downwards. There are 3 modes. One is water droplets floating upwards, one is hovering briefly in the air, and the other is floating downwards.

【Low Noise】: The submerged pump with a pure copper motor produces only 20-35 dB.
【Purifying Air】: The negative ion generator at the bottom of the product creates millions of negative air ions per cubic centimeter, forming a high concentration, negative ion barrier. The negative ions can bind to bacteria, dust formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, PM2.5 particles into large particles of sedimentation, purifying the indoor air
【Home Decor】:This stunning water fountain is as much a spectacular effect as it is a decorative item. Designed by Floaty's engineering partner, Bluse Buderia and Co., in association with Goodwin Designs, it’s an integration of technology and craftsmanship and a wonder to behold!