Minimalism meets Functionality


Breathe in. Breathe out. Float away for a moment.

Plants filter out CO2 and pollutants from the air. When you look at Tillandsia™, our floating flower pot pictured above and below, be reminded to take a deep breath, meditate, float away for a moment, and return more centered during these turbulent times.

Floatey™ products blend art & technology with minimalistic design.

Floatey™  products float/levitate by way of magnetic and electrical forces, and some are powered by induction, meaning they do not have to come into contact with anything to receive power, somewhat similar to how you charge your phone by laying it on a charging pad. A truly innovative design approach that takes simple designs and combines them with science, transforming them to something greater and, we think, more fun.


F.Light ™


Watch Tillandsia™ in action

Inspiring iconic products that are an intersection of art, technology & minimalistic design.

That is the Floatey way.

Let the light bulb fly

FLight is a levitating light bulb that hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air.

FLight's base is made of sustainably sourced oak, ash and walnut.

It use energy efficient LEDs rated at about 50,000 hours. That’s equivalent to 12 hours of usage a day for 11 years.

"Minimalism, sophistication, and modernity in one. Levitation is the future."

ELLE Magazine

"Levitating lights are the best kind of lights"

Digital Trends

"Everyone that enters my home is FASCINATED by my levitating plant!"

Stacy L

"The LED levitating lamp charges my phone faster than my apple charger. Best investment!"

Emma W.

Revamp your space

Great for home, office, hotel or restaurant, and more, Floatey products can fit in or stand out.

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